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Your crash-rated gates and barriers protect your property, so you want to properly service and maintain them. Innovo can help!  We offer service and maintenance for SecurGate barriers, gates, fences, and bollards, including existing Crisp Barriers products.


Technical Support


You’ve installed your Innovo product, now what? Our team of experts is available Monday through Friday to answer your questions as you navigate your Innovo equipment’s operations. This service is also available for previously installed Crisp products. For all of your questions, contact the Innovo team at (615) 487-5845, email or fill out the form below.




Innovo offers a variety of maintenance services that are tailored to keeping your installation up and running. Innovo’s team of experts can help you determine your equipment’s necessary parts and will facilitate shipment to your location. To access this service, contact the Innovo team at (615) 487-5845, email or fill out the form below.


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