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The Innovo concrete barrier mount products offer the same rating of security as their standard foundation counterparts.


Our Drop Arm Gate, Swing Arm Gate, and Super Swing Gate all come with a concrete barrier mount option. Our concrete barrier mount products are manufactured up to M30, M40, M50, and 20,000lbs at 50mph.


The concrete barrier mount is secured with Kontek's MBB or VKM concrete blocks filled with 5,000 psi concrete, securing the perimeter to the highest degree while foregoing the need for complex site preparation.

Swing Arm Gate from Innovo Security Works

One of the benefits of modular security products is how comparatively simple the installation process is. Site preparation for any of our concrete barrier products requires minimal site preparation, with no excavation needed.


Our concrete barrier mount cages are designed with lift hook slots, allowing product installation to be completed with either crane with lift hooks or a forklift.


The minimal equipment needs allows the concrete barrier option to maintain a highly fortified entry while maintaining a reduced overall cost compared to the standard foundation products.

  • No excavation

  • Easily placed and located

  • Forklift and lift hook compatible

  • No site or foundation preparation required

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