Cable Net Fence - Innovo Security Works.


The CABLE NET FENCE is an energy absorbing post and cable barrier system that prevents vehicular intrusion. This anti-ram product transforms the existing security perimeter to provide a crash-rated barrier for sites with high vulnerability, critical assets, and elevated security needs.





The Cable Net Fence is a high-strength system of steel cable and uniquely constructed posts. Steel SuperPosts are anchored in concrete at up to 200-foot intervals, perimeter corners, and gate openings. Support posts are used in tandem with the SuperPosts throughout the perimeter to give additional support to the cable. Three strands of steel cable are anchored to the SuperPosts and held in position by the support post at heights of 30”, 36”, and 42”. Each SuperPost and support post is set in a concrete foundation below grade to ensure lasting security. This product is confirmed by engineering analysis to exceed crash-rating of ASTM F2656M-20 at M30, M40, or M50. 


The Attachable Cable Net Fence option integrates the post and cable barrier system to an existing or newly installed perimeter fence. This option replaces the support posts with brackets that attach to the existing fence post. The cable structure is attached on the protected side and is available with a wide variety of finishes, giving you control over the aesthetic impression of your perimeter.


The Attachable Cable Net Fence gives your property a high security perimeter through minimum excavation and low cost. The use of attachable brackets in our design replaces the need for multiple support posts, saving you the cost and time required for each individual support post excavation.


Combining Innovo SecurGate with the Attachable Cable Net Fence can create a unique solution to harden your existing perimeter security, or reimagine new security solutions altogether. By integrating multiple products, we can create a solution that hardens all aspects of your perimeter security.