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Innovo's Protected Side Open feature is a unique option in the security space. Both of our Super Swing Gate and our Swing Arm Gate products have this option.


Our Protected Side Open products allow the gate to open toward the protected side of the property. This feature allows you to move your gate up to the perimeter of the property, eliminating the need for additional setback distance. This product offers a solution to sites where setback distance is unavailable.


Additionally, this option works well for sites with roadway obstructions on the unprotected side, including inclines, underground utilities and more.

Swing Arm Gate Protected Side Open

For longer spans or split traffic situations, two single gates can be combined as a double leaf gate. Combinations of the Protected Side Open and the standard products provide multiple solutions for any site layout. 

Both Protected Side Open products are available in manual and operated models. The operated models are entirely electro-mechanical, making them ideal for sites where hydraulic fluids are prohibited.

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