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The Innovo Super Swing Gate and Super Slide Gate offer crash-rated protection up to 20,000 lbs at 50 mph. We offer a variety of fencing panels that can attach to the gate and help achieve your individualized security goals. Attachable fencing facades can further enhance your security efforts and deny unwanted intrusions. Once we identify your security priorities, we will help you determine the best attachment for your project.​

Super Swing Gate from Innovo Security Works


Deter outside pedestrians and unwanted trespassers from scaling your gate and entering your property. This option further promotes the integrity of your perimeter by impeding intruders from climbing over and gaining access.


Disrupt the sightline from the exterior. Obstruct visual access by up to 75% with a steel attachment to further maintain the privacy of your property.


Ensure lasting security by eliminating the ability to access the property through anti-cut measures.

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