Super Swing Gate - Innovo Security Works



features a structural steel beam that slides opens horizontally for crash-rated vehicle security. Available façade options complement your existing security efforts and deter unwanted intrusions.


  • Anti-Climb Deter outside pedestrians and unwanted trespassers from scaling your gate and entering your property. This option further promotes the integrity of your perimeter by impeding intruders from climbing over and gaining access.

  • Reduce Visibility Disrupt the sightline from the exterior. Choose from an array of attachments to further maintain the privacy of your property.

  • Anti-Cut Ensure lasting security by eliminating the ability to access the property through anti-cut measures.

  • Anti-Blast Protect perimeter security from destructive blasts. The anti-blast material concentrates the force of the blast to the gate’s impact point, protecting the property interior.

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The SUPER SLIDE GATE (SSLG) features a structural steel beam that opens laterally for crash-rated vehicle security. The SSLG can secure multiple lanes of traffic or wide checkpoints up to 30 feet. For longer spans or split traffic situations two single gates can be combined.


The SSLG can be installed across existing roadways with minimal 18” roadway excavation for a single gate roller track. Concrete foundations are located outside the roadway opening, easily avoiding underground utilities and other obstructions.


The SSLG is available in manual and operated models. In manual operation, the rollers, low friction bearings, and overall balance of the beam require minimal force for opening and closing. The patented catching mechanism is passive -no operator action is required to catch the beam and provide crash protection. The operated SSLG is entirely electro-mechanical, making it ideal for sites where hydraulic fluids are prohibited.


  • UL325 compliance: standard product package meets all requirements with UL325 including flashing lights, warning horn, and photoelectric sensors. 

  • Optional safety features can be added on to your purchase, including signage and caution markings, LED lights, and additional photoelectric sensors. 

  • Operators function at a high-duty cycle with 120 open/close cycles per hour, capable of executing 100,000 cycles without disruption, and ensuring continuous traffic flow.

  • Operator Cover locks and encloses the operator with welded steel, preventing unauthorized entry or manipulation. All electrical components are fan cooled and shielded from extreme temperatures and water damage.

  • Electro-mechanical Operator has no risk of hydraulic fluid contamination. Ideal for sites where hydraulic fluids are prohibited.

  • Receiver MagLock securely locks the beam in place to prevent unauthorized entry.

  • Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) switch closes the secure beam within 5 seconds, safeguarding against unexpected assailants.

  • Performs through extreme temperatures ranging from -10° to 150° F (-23° to 65° C).

  • Backup or uninterrupted power supply (UPS) are available, ensuring protection in the event of a power failure.

  • All of our barriers come with a 1 year warranty starting at date of delivery.