Double Beam SecurGate - Featured - Innov


The DOUBLE BEAM SECURGATE (DBSG) features two structural steel beams that are horizontally attached to new or existing entrance gates to provide crash-rated protection and access control for multiple lanes of traffic or checkpoints up to 40 feet. Bollard-type SuperPosts and concrete foundations are located outside the roadway opening, easily avoiding underground utilities and other obstructions in the roadway. The DBSG is an economical choice for manufacturing, industrial, or commercial properties.




The DoubleBeam SecurGate enhances your ability to deter, deny and delay threats while saving you from a total redesign of your perimeter security.

  • Gate structures attach to new or existing gate

  • Cost effective

  • Maintains desired aesthetic


Adding crash-rated vehicle security to most sliding, swinging, or double gates, the DBSG does not alter the operation (electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical) of the host gate. If being attached to a customer-provided gate, the host gate's ability to carry the crash beam must be confirmed.


All of our barriers come with a 1 year warranty starting at date of delivery.