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PRESS RELEASE: Innovo Security Works Acquires Crisp Barriers

KNOXVILLE, TN – Knoxville-based Innovo Security Works, LLC recently acquired all assets of Crisp Barriers Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of security barriers, gates, fences, and bollards. Innovo is now the exclusive source for Crisp Barriers products.

The acquisition combines Crisp’s reputation for quality products with Innovo’s leadership, technical resources, and advances. Innovo offers a full line of convenient, state-of-the-art SecurGate products for stand-alone or existing barriers for private commercial, or industrial sites that require crash-rated barrier protection. All products have engineering certificates that exceed industry standards.

“The combination of Crisp Barriers’ proven product line with Innovo Security Works’ technical resources and backing creates growth opportunities and technical advances,” said Joe Anderson, Chairman and CEO of Crisp Barriers.

The leadership team at Innovo is known for innovation and extensive experience in the barrier security industry.

John F. Cox, President, has been involved with Crisp since the company’s inception in 1984. He has a wide range of security product and service knowledge, including technical specifications, product design, sourcing materials, and customer service. Jay Cox, Vice President, began working with security barriers in 2008. His experience includes design, sales, assembly and fabrication, and project management. Ronald Anderson, Director of Engineering and Project Management, has more than 30 years of experience in engineered products, project performance measurement, manufacturing, business development, sales, and product development.

Innovo is committed to customer service, including the service and maintenance of installed products. The company looks forward to serving Crisp customers.

“In times of uncertainty, security is important. said John Cox. “We look forward to creating convenient, innovative security solutions for customers in a variety of industries.”


Innovo Security Works provides a full line of security barrier products, including drop arm gates, swing arm gates, MonoLock SecurGates, Double Beam SecurGates and Cable Loop SecurGates.



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