All Innovo products aim to deter, deny, and delay threats as they occur.


Even with this high standard of excellence, we know that some projects have additional security needs. We have solutions.


Whether it is adapting existing security measures, employing heightened security features, or deploying a modular option, we can tailor our products to fit your needs.

Monolock SecurGate
Monolock SecurGate

Double Beam SecurGate
Double Beam SecurGate

Double Beam SecurGate
Double Beam SecurGate

Monolock SecurGate
Monolock SecurGate



We offer three different SecurGate options that can offer crash-rated protection up to 15,000lbs at 50mph. This option further enhances your existing security efforts while saving you from a total redesign of your perimeter security.

  • Gate structure attaches to existing gate

  • Cost-effective

  • Maintains desired aesthetic

Monolock SecurGate

Double Beam SecurGate

Cable Loop SecurGate



The Innovo Super Swing Gate offers crash rated protection up to 20,000 lbs at 50 mph. We offer a variety of fencing panels that can attach to the Super Swing Gate and help achieve your individualized security goals. Attachable fencing facades can further enhance your security efforts and deny unwanted intrusions. Once we identify your security priorities, we will help you determine the best attachment for your project.


Deter outside pedestrians and unwanted trespassers from scaling your gate and entering your property. This option further promotes the integrity of your perimeter by impeding intruders from climbing over and gaining access.

Reduce Visibility

Disrupt the sightline from the exterior. Obstruct visual access by up to 75% with a steel attachment to further maintain the privacy of your property.


Ensure lasting security by eliminating the ability to access the property through anti-cut measures.



The Innovo Swing Arm and Drop Arm Gates offer crash rated protection up to 20,000 lbs at 50 mph. These products both have modular options to fit your temporary or portable security needs.


The DAG and SAG with concrete barriers require no excavation, allowing you to drop and place them at virtually any location.

  • No excavation

  • Easily placed and relocated

  • Forklift and lift hook compatible

  • No site or foundation preparation required