The MONOLOCK SECURGATE (MLSG) features a self-supporting structural steel beam that is horizontally attached to new or existing entrance gates to provide crash rated protection.


An economical option to add crash rated vehicle security to most single or double sliding gates. The MLSG does not alter the operation (electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical) of the host gate.


The MLSG can be attached to host gates securing multiple lanes of traffic or wide checkpoints up to 36 feet. The full weight of the crash beam is carried by two sets of rollers that are attached to the gate posts.  It is ideally suited for use with light-weight host gates.


The bollard-type SuperPosts and concrete foundations are located outside the roadway opening, easily avoiding underground utilities and other obstructions in the roadway.

Monolock Securgate
Monolock Securgate
Monolock Securgate
Monolock Securgate


  • Crash rated for M30/P1, M40/P1, and M50/P1

  • Additional crash rating available (including ratings above M50/P1)

  • All steel construction

  • Cantilevered support of the beam using rollers mounted on gate posts

  • Zero roadway excavation and foundation excavation outside roadway opening

  • Roadway openings up to 36 feet, custom designs greater than 36 feet

  • 40” beam height

  • Powder Coat finish standard; other finishes available


  • Vehicle Entrances or Sally Ports Secured by Non-Crash Rated Swing, Slide or Double Gates; attachable crash rated security that does not alter the operation of the host gate

  • New Vehicle Entrances or Sally Ports; economic alternative using gates that match adjacent perimeter fence

  • Vehicle Entrances or Sally Ports greater than 30 feet; roadway openings up to 36 feet; custom designs greater than 36 feet




Monolock Securgate

Monolock Securgate by Innovo Security Works, LLC