​The Wedge Barrier has a robust and low profile design that makes it the perfect solution for fortifying maximum security locations. When installed in high traffic locations, the small footprint and high load strength provides a solid, unobtrusive driving surface.

Using a steel plate construction, the Wedge Barrier is installed flush mounted in the roadway. A self-contained hydraulic system is used to raise the barrier to protected height and is uniquely housed to prevent any damage to the operational components upon impact.​



  • All steel construction, welded and inspected to AWS D1.1

  • 2" thick, one-piece steel plate wedge

  • Wedge height is 39" - higher than others for added vehicle capture

  • Twenty-seven 4" wide solid steel load bearing hinges

  • 2" diameter load bearing hinge pin fabricated from high strength steel

  • Seven 2" thick solid steel load bearing struts arranged in a progressive energy absorbing system

  • Forty 1 1/2" diameter high strength anchor bolts

  • 144" wide x 96" long footprint

  • Weight - approximately 12,500 pounds

  • Minimum excavation

  • Hydraulic and electrical systems are highest quality and reliability

  • Hydraulic cylinder in steel curb above ground

  • Accepts all optional vehicle detection and warning equipment. Basic or integrated control system.

F10 Open Front  2003.12.22 001
F10 Side Open DSCN0083
QMP Unit 1  2003.12.22 002
QMP Unit 1  2003.12.22 003
QMP Unit 1  2003.12.22 001