The MONOLOCK SECURGATE (MLSG) features a self-supporting structural steel beam that horizontally secures new or existing entrance gates to provide crash rated protection for multiple lanes of traffic or checkpoints up to 36 feet. This economical option can be added on to existing gates to provide secure access and aesthetics without altering the operation of the host gate.






The Monolock SecurGate enhances your ability to deter, deny and delay threats while saving you from a total redesign of your perimeter security.

  • Gate structures attach to existing gate

  • Cost effective

  • Maintains desired aesthetic


The MLSG can be attached to host gates securing multiple lanes of traffic or wide checkpoints up to 36 feet. The full weight of the crash beam is carried by two sets of rollers that are attached to the gate posts.  It is ideally suited for use with light-weight host gates.


The bollard-type SuperPosts and concrete foundations are located outside the roadway opening, easily avoiding underground utilities and other obstructions in the roadway.


  • Crash Beam constructed with high strength steel and counterbalanced for easy manual operation when not powered.

  • Superpost Assemblies constructed with high strength steel and anchored on three sides with concrete blocks. Superpost Assemblies are installed above grade, avoiding underground utilities with no excavation required.

  • Receiver MagLock securely locks the beam in place to prevent unauthorized entry.

  • Operating Speed of no more than 5 minutes to secure the barrier in the closed position.

  • Flashing Lights warn traffic when the barrier is moving to prevent entrapment.

  • Warning Horn indicates when the barrier is in motion, avoiding potential vehicle damage or personal injury.

  • Signage and Caution Markings act as visual deterrents and can be seen long before a vehicle approaches the barrier.


Optional LED lights and brightly colored finishes are available.

  • Photoelectric Sensors mitigate risk by preventing the operating beam from closing on authorized vehicles.

  • Electro-mechanical Operator has no risk of hydraulic fluid contamination. Ideal for sites where hydraulic fluids are prohibited.


  • High Duty Cycle ensures continuous traffic flow.

  • Operator Cover locks and encloses the operator with welded steel, preventing unauthorized entry or manipulation. All electrical components are fan cooled and shielded from extreme temperatures and water damage.

  • Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) switch closes the secure beam within 5 seconds, safeguarding against unexpected assailants.

  • Performs through extreme temperatures ranging from -10° to 150° F (-23° to 65° C)

  • Backup or uninterrupted power supply (UPS) are available, ensuring protection in the event of a power failure.

  • Drop Arm Barriers deploy at a normal operating speed of 10 seconds, from horizontal to fully vertical at 90°, allowing for unobstructed use of the roadway.

  • Operators function at a high-duty cycle with 120 open/close cycles per hour, capable of executing 100,000 cycles without disruption.

  • Operation Setup is fast and straightforward: the control panel is easily programmed within minutes.