The HORIZONTAL BEAM BARRIER (HBB) features a structural steel beam that lowers to surface level to permit traffic flow and rises to a beam height of 36” to stop traffic.


It can secure multiple lanes of traffic or wide checkpoints, up to 36 feet. Its compact footprint is perfectly suited for close-quarters installation sites where a high level of security is required.


The HBB can be quickly and easily installed at sites where traditional pop-up barriers or bollards would be expensive or impossible to install. The HBB requires only minimum excavation across the roadway itself, and primary excavation is outside the roadway opening, easily avoiding underground utilities and other obstructions. The HBB is entirely electro-mechanical, making it ideal for sites where hydraulic fluids are prohibited.


Boasting a duty cycle of 120 cycles per hour and 3 second operating speed, the HBB allows for fast processing of vehicles. The HBB features a warning horn, flashing light, edge sensor, and photoelectric sensor in accordance with UL 325 standards. It is preconfigured for easy integration of additional access control and safety devices as well as integration of barrier command and control from multiple control locations.

Horizontal Beam Barrier
Horizontal Beam Barrier
Horizontal Beam Barrier
Horizontal Beam Barrier


  • Compact Footprint where vertical, lateral, forward and rear clearances are limited

  • Urban Areas with underground obstructions; aesthetic design requirements; low noise thresholds

  • Vehicle Entrances or Sally Ports with Medium to High Traffic Volume requiring up to 120 duty cycles per hour


  • Crash rated for M30/P1, M40/P1, and M50/P1

  • Additional crash rating available (including ratings above M50/P1)

  • All steel construction

  • Electro-mechanical operation

  • Minimum excavation requirements

  • Roadway openings up to 36 feet

  • 36” beam height

  • 3 second operating speed to full beam height

  • 1.5 second operating speed to passenger vehicle height

  • High duty cycle for fast vehicle processing

  • Double-sided protection

  • Compact footprint (extended vertical or lateral clearances not required)

  • Multiple foundation/mounting configurations to fit any installation site

  • Powder Coat finish standard; other finishes available




Horizontal Beam Barrier

Horizontal Beam Barrier by Innovo Security Works, LLC