​The REMOVABLE BEAM BARRIER (RBB) consists of two steel posts and a steel beam to secure openings up to 30 feet. The RBB is an economic alternative for securing large openings while also having the ability to permit access by removing the crash beam with lifting equipment.


When access is required, the beam can be lifted off the SuperPosts. Once access is no longer required, the beam can be set back in the SuperPosts to restrict access.


The removable beam design allows for unobstructed use of the roadway when removed and minimal setback from the roadway opening. The RBB includes a positive locking device for securing the beam when in the secured position.


The RBB can be installed across existing roadways with no roadway excavation. It only requires excavation outside the roadway opening, easily avoiding underground utilities and other obstructions.


  • Crash rated for M30/P1, M40/P1, and M50/P1

  • Additional crash rating available (including ratings above M50/P1)

  • All steel construction

  • No roadway excavation and minimum excavation outside roadway opening

  • Roadway openings up to 30 feet

  • 38” beam height

  • Double-sided protection

  • Compact footprint (extended vertical, lateral, forward, rear clearances not required)

  • Multiple foundation/mounting configurations to fit any installation site

  • Powder Coat finish standard; other finishes available


  • Compact Footprints with Clearance Constraints where vertical, lateral, forward and rear clearances are limited

  • Footprints with Underground Obstructions zero excavation of roadway; minimal excavation outside of roadway)

  • Infrequent access requirements beam moved manually with fork lift